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Hi, I'm Nathan Jones.

 I help leaders and entrepreneurs find emotional balance.

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Emotional burnout is serious.

1 in 2
entrepreneurs experience mental health issues or emotional distress.
is their likelihood of depression compared to the general population.
of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental ill-health.

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Positive change is possible.

Find emotional balance and boost authentic productivity.
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My story

Life is short.

I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs make the most of it.
I've spent the last decade exploring emotions and the things that help humans flourish. My research has been presented at the World Congress on Positive Psychology, Mumbrella360, the QUT Leadership Coaching Conference, and TEDxUniSA. I’ve also trained employees at Fortune 500 companies, taught Entrepreneurship classes at the Adelaide Business School, and completed three psychology degrees.

Reality check.

I’ve always been driven to succeed, but about ten years ago it all came crashing down. After a near-death experience, I began to realise that I’d been running from underlying stress, anxiety, and depression my entire life, and had fooled everyone into thinking that I was okay. I had even fooled myself.

Doing the work.

Accepting this reality was painful, but these feelings ultimately guided me through years of therapy, coaching, and even a PhD in psychology. Slowly, as I began to find direction and connect with my true self, I started to map the full emotional spectrum as an accelerated tool for personal growth. I call it Mood 360.

Passing it on.

My favourite part about using Mood 360 in one-on-one coaching is to see courageous entrepreneurs have their ‘lightbulb moment’ and unlock a new level of self-awareness. I’m a big believer that you can’t truly change the world until you navigate the world within. It's the most important journey you'll ever make.
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My job is to guide you towards your best self.
Better business, better life

“Nathan is far and away the best coach I have ever worked with, and it shows.”

Arland Grant
CEO of Servistory

“I am quite certain the success of my audiobook is a result of Nathan's coaching and I am forever grateful.”

Leisa Peterson
Founder and CEO, Wealth Clinic

“He's one of the most engaging, passionate and authentic people I know.”

Jim Kupczyk
Founder, Mindful Market

“Nathan is a master creative and knows the psychology and science behind emotional well-being.”

Courtney Ferdinands
Senior Sales Executive, ARN


Change starts right now.

Let's connect and let's see where this journey goes.
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